• Breathe easy

    Supports the upper respiratory tract and soothes the occasional cough

    Breathe easy

    • potent inhalant with fennel, clove & eucalyptus cools & opens the upper respiratory tract
    • cleanses impurities from the respiratory system & sinuses
    • penetrating vapor effectively promotes clearer breathing
    • Vata & Kapha balancing (vpk®)
    1 fl. oz./30 m
  • Soothe the sinuses, Traditional Ayurvedic Nasya (nasal) oil

    Breathe easy

    • moisturizes the sinuses & nasal passages
    • promotes sinus comfort by clearing accumulated toxins
    • supports your natural resistance to pollen
    • Vata, pitta, Kapha balancing (vpk®)
    1 fl. oz./30 ml
  • Alleviates occasional sinus pressure

    Soothes irritated sinuses and helps clear mucus; maintains a healthy immune system against pollutants and irritants

    Maintain sinus health

    • alleviates occasional sinus pressure
    • helps balance occasional sinus congestion
    • lubricates dry sinuses
    • reduces ama (toxins) associated with the sinuses
    • synergistic formula with chebulic myrobalan, neem, clove, & myrrh
    • Vata, pitta, Kapha balancing (vpk®)
    60 Herbal Tablets (1000 mg)