For several months, due to COVID-19 quarantine, many of us have put exercise on the back burner. Now, more than ever, society is making that “get-healthy” push. Listed here are our favorite mean green vegetables that you can add to your diet to burn fat and maximize lean muscle building with exercise at home.

The scientific research on Spinach is groundbreaking. We all remember watching Popeye eat a can of spinach and grow 10x stronger immediately. Part of that is true. Spinach strengthens the heart muscle, creating a stronger pump to deliver oxygen and nutrients through your bloodstream faster. It also moderates blood pressure, relaxing the vessels to help blood flow smoothly and unobstructed all around your body.

Asparagus has a unique effect on fat burning. The high fiber keeps your digestive system moving, keeping you metabolism high. It is also very high in vitamin C to boost your immune system and potassium to keep those muscles primed to combat lactic acid build-up.

Broccoli, has many health benefits including lowering cholesterol to keep your arteries clear of fatty build up. Also broccoli can maximize your mineral and vitamin absorption, detoxify your organs, and increase bone density; making you feel stronger and increasing your overall stability.

Last, but definitely not least, Cucumbers are the weight loss superfoods. Their prime directive in your body is to lower water retention, promote a healthy weight by stabilizing your metabolism, and preventing obesity. Whether on a salad or in a smoothie, if fat loss is the goal, cucumbers are absolutely essential. Cucumbers also decrease your risks for heart disease and diabetes and increase stamina and energy, while promoting a healthy complexion.

You can’t go wrong adding these greens to get lean!