We know that it is hard, but staying motivated is the key to success!

Now that the weather is nice, get moving outside. Here are some tips to keep your motivation high.

Tip #1: Try a new workout routine.

Many times, our body gets used to the same old thing causing a plateau. Whether for weight loss, muscle gain, or fat loss, keeping your muscle groups guessing is the best way to ensure a high metabolism.

Tip #2: Get a partner.

As humans, we thrive in ommunity. Having a partner to hold you accountable, encourage just one more set, or to just conversate about the difficult choices around health and wellness can drastically improve your mojo.

Tip #3: Make a playlist.

Your body has a natural internal rhythm. Pairing this rhythm up with a high energy playlist can give you the boost you need to run that extra 1/2 mile, or do those last 10 push ups.

Tip #4: Talk to yourself.

Sometimes, when we are ready to give up, we just need to hear words of encouragement. Say positive things like, “You can do it”, “I believe in you”, or “Just one more set” to keep you pushing harder.

Tip #5: Set Daily Goals

The only person that will get you to where you want to be is YOU. Being healthy and fit requires daily attention to detail around diet, nutrition, water intake, and fitness expenditure. Set a new goal everyday and do your very best to meet the challenge to achieve it.